Can AI Help Your Business Become More Human?

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These days, consumers expect more from brands. It’s no longer just about selling something they need. It’s about creating meaningful experiences for them. If you want your business to have a strong and loyal customer base, you need to give them the connection they crave. Shared experiences and values that

3 Ways to Use AI in Your Email Marketing Strategy

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Every day, tons of marketers rely on the power of email marketing to grow their businesses. In most cases, it goes hand in hand with video. Emails bank on video for higher click and open rates. Similarly, video also needs emails to reach more of a marketer’s audience. It’s widely

4 Ways AI is Reshaping Marketing

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Marketing powered by artificial intelligence has come a long way. It has not only enabled marketers to have more time to focus on other marketing efforts. It’s also helped them overcome challenges that marketers commonly face. As AI continues to evolve, so does the way marketers use the data they

How to Succeed at Cold Prospecting by Using Loom

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If you’re using video everywhere in your marketing, you also need to fill other gaps in your growth strategy by using it. Video can help you maintain relationships with your customers – why not use it to create relationships with prospects as well? All platforms are leading toward video, so

Artificial Intelligence Marketing: The Future!

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3 Steps to Staying True to Your Brand Voice on Video

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In order to succeed in video marketing, you need to think carefully about how your videos will help carry your message forward. It can be tempting to follow through on all your ideas for your videos. Big ideas are good, but you need to stop and think before executing them.

5 Tips to Increase Your Reach and Engagement on Facebook Videos

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Facebook has completely embraced its video-first approach. But have marketers adapted to it completely? If you’re a business owner who wants to make the most out of your content, you have to know how to optimize and integrate your videos and video ads. However, not a lot of people know
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